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Multilanguage website with dynamic booking system developed by AdOpt – over 500 car bookings during 1st season

Autocenter Santorini car rentals

AutoCenter is a leading Santorini rent a car company that has been dealing in Santorini car rental market for over 25 years, which guarantee high-quality Santorini car rental services and a dependable and safe fleet of vehicles.
As a leading car hire company in Santorini, the company deals with holiday autos worldwide car rental, having always in mind the safety and comfort of clients thus supplying them with the car they desire and help them to have a memorable and pleasant vacation in Santorini island.
The client needed a website with nice structure, appealing design and a user friendly booking system. Rent a car industry in Santorini is highly competitive and AdOpt had to deliver an excellent project; as well known every single visit is valuable, and it has to be converted into a rental. Solid web development , stylish design and the consultancy of the AdOpt’s experienced team were the factors that absolutely satisfied the client.


Light, functional and a fast website

The client needed a light, secure and fast page that it would be working smoothly 24/7. AdOpt developed a flawless website, with a very low loading speed, to serve, guide and inform its visitors.

Adjustive Booking System

The fact that AdOpt developed the booking system provided the client the capability to adjust the system according to every need and wish he may have. Using this custom system, the client saves both money that would have to pay for a stiff booking service, as well as time because the whole system was developed according to business’ specific needs.


Choosing AdOpt for our digital marketing strategy, was the right decision that boosted our business!. Last season’s results from Adwords Campaign were impressive as there was a remarkable increase in the bookings. Furthermore, AutoCenter’s Booking Platform is developed by AdOpt and this gives us the capability of various customisations depending on our needs. They are always willing to help with any questions we might have and always follow up to make sure we are on the right track.

Pairi Lia,
Autocenter, Manager

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