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Engaging Social Campaigns

Engage your customers to your Social Brand…

Thousands of consumers are heavy users of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. What a fantastic and interactive channel to communicate your promotions, run competitions, and enhance your brand awareness massively, as well as targeted audience.

A variety of campaigns can be executed via social media platforms, allowing your business to communicate with loyal and new consumers, and share your marketing message through effective user friendly promotion and sales channels. AdOpt has executed some of the most successful social media campaigns in a variety of vertical industries, considering ourselves as your valuable partner.

As social media experts, AdOpt can design and run tailor-made campaigns of various kinds focusing on value added services and ROI via:

  • Business analysis
  • Social media footprint research
  • Setting up campaign’s goals
  • Design and development of social media campaign
  • Execution and optimization
  • Reporting & Analysis

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We deeply believe in the notion that the work we produce is thanks to the commitment and effort put in by each member of our team. Working across a range of departments, but as one unit the same time, we all are passionate about creating your competitive advantage for our clients’ business. Our team has cutting-edge technology experience and capabilities, and in-depth knowledge of the new technologies era; we do not say so, BUT our clients do.

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