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PPC Management – more profitable campaigns for your business…

Your business is in great need of attracting highly relevant visitors to your website, so as to increase traffic, leads, and eventually sales.

Paid search advertising (PPC) is the best tool for this, and the challenge to create a profitable PPC is a complex task regarding managing cost of clicks, keyword targeting, and –last but not least- optimization.

Our first concern is to fully understand your business in depth, and then we feel confident about developing and running the most suitable and profitable PPC campaign for you. Our PPM management is focusing on keywords relevant to your business, targeting the visitors that are really interested in your products & services, optimizing the on-going campaigns, and of course delivering a full report with measurable results and performance of the campaign. We have a 360 overview track of your campaign while running, and our goal is to increase brand awareness and ROI of your business.

Understanding your business environment, creating tailor-made ads, and the most effective landing pages, through metrics and tests, AdOpt can deliver PPC campaigns and provide:

  • Business digital analysis
  • Research and selection of right keywords
  • Campaign set up
  • Ad group & PPC ad creation
  • Landing page creation
  • Testing and optimization
  • Monitoring and reporting

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We deeply believe in the notion that the work we produce is thanks to the commitment and effort put in by each member of our team. Working across a range of departments, but as one unit the same time, we all are passionate about creating your competitive advantage for our clients’ business. Our team has cutting-edge technology experience and capabilities, and in-depth knowledge of the new technologies era; we do not say so, BUT our clients do.

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