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Corporate website of High-Tech & Innovative business network services addressing global markets!

comBOX multi WAN services

comBOX multi-WAN services are based on the concept of combining multiple, low cost Internet connections to achieve the performance of dedicated business connections which are only available at a high cost from telecommunications providers.
AdOpt was responsible for the web design and the development of the website. comBOX is a unique, innovative, and break-through corporate network product in Greece, exclusively developed by Protonyx Data Services, a pioneer and high-end technology company, of the corporate networking industry. So the task was straight-forward: “A plain,corporate,user-friendly,efficient website intended for international audience”.


Delivering intricate information using simplified methods

Corporate networking is a complicated industry and it is very common that people get confused when they are searching among tons of uncategorised data. AdOpt’s main objective was to create an efficient structure for presenting information in a such a way that anyone who visits the website will be able to find what he is looking for, within a few clicks.

Light, functional and a fast website

The client needed a light, secure and fast page that it would be working smoothly 24/7. AdOpt developed a flawless website, with a very low loading speed, to serve, guide and inform its visitors.


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Tsabliris Theodoros,
comBOX, Project Manager

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