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The client’s sales were doubled on a monthly basis during the initial period after E-Shop launch

izzi healthy and hygiene products

izzi.gr is an eCommerce website that disposes cleaning and hygiene products for businesses, such as restaurants, hotels etc. Izzi operates under the auspices of the Greek public limited company ‘EUROSYST Α.Ε.Β.Ε.’, which is the biggest distributor of Colgate Palmolive in Greece.
AdOpt was responsible for the web design and the development of the eCommerce website. The objective had been set from the beginning of the project. The client asked for a quite simple but fully functional and user friendly digital shop. The challenge was accepted, AdOpt took over the development and the result is an E-Shop that has been working flawlessly since day 1.


Delivering B2B products to every shop and every corner of the country

Cleaning and hygiene products are quite necessary to every building in the whole world. Izzi needed a website that anyone, independent of his age or computer skills, could use and order the products, that will help him with the cleanness of his business, within a few unambiguous clicks.

Using reverse proxy accelerator to boost eCommerce loading speed

One major factor of a website behaviour is the loading speed. The faster an eCommerce website serves its content to the users the better it is for converting the visitors to clients. It has been proved that the vast majority of the online users spend around 3 seconds to decide to take it or leave it. One can realise that if the loading speed is quite big, then there is more time for the user to evaluate the content. Waiting time is annoying no matter what you do and this the reason why Izzi’s website uses a web accelerator that dramatically decreases the loading time, while it can flawlessly serve thousands of users simultaneously.


AdOpt has proved to be the right technology marketing partner for our company. Their contribution on growing our e-Commerce online business has been significant since the izzi.gr team wasnot familiar with the digital market. Apart from the web development of izzi.gr, AdOpt has been our consultant on matters of internet marketing and digital growth with remarkable results.

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