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NOYNOY recipes – Web Application

‘Spin to win’ promo contest for nounou-syntages.gr

NOYNOY recipes

FrieslandCampina Hellas is a subsidiary company of Royal FrieslandCampina, the largest dairy cooperative in the world. A specialist in milk, with global reach and deep tradition for over 130 years. In Greece, the company is tied in with NOYNOY products, covering the daily nutritional needs of the Greek family for more than 80 years supplying products NOYNOY, FRISO, MILNER and FINA. Meanwhile, distributes products for professional use with the names FRICO, DEBIC, FRISIAN COW, Mikri Olandeza (SMALL Dutch), NOYNOY BARISTA’S GOLD and FARM.
FrieslandCampina asked from AdOpt to create and conduct a promo contest during the first days of the website’s digital life. The task was plain but still demanding. Create a web application with stylish interface and user friendly environment. AdOpt achieved a great result. The contest was completed with absolute success and without any contingency.


Stylish , easy-to-use and realistic interface.

FrieslandCampina Hellas was really impressed with AdOpt, due to the fact that the web application was developed according to a strict and tight timeline and the result was excellent. The design was fresh and vivid, perfectly attuned to overall website. Furthermore, it was a user friendly development, because of the fact that one was ready to spin the wheel within two easy clicks. The most important was the smooth motion of the wheel while it was spinning as it made you think that it was real.

Fully functional and secure contest

During the contest over 15,000 people spinned the wheel and the application had served ceaselessly and flawlessly every single spin or request. Traffic was in extremely high leveló due to the brand name of NOYNOY, as well as the nice gameplay of the wheel, but AdOpt met the expectations and delivered a great result in a demanding situation. Furthermore, AdOpt had to secure the contest by developing restriction tools to control the participation in the contest, so that one wouldn’t be able to bomb the contest and participate many times. AdOpt successfully ensured the safe and smooth conduct of the contest from the early stage of development until the very end of the contest.


Adopt proved to be a valuable Digital partner for FrieslandCampina Hellas. Our primary scope was to launch a new website for NOYNOY Milk Creams and our priority was to cooperate with a well established, dedicated, modern technology skillful, and open-minded partner. AdOpt outperformed, safeguarding that the final result would exceed our expectations. A flawless, modern, website, as well as a succesful, and well-organised contest through an innovative custom web application,created solid grounds for a prosperous collaboration with a trustworthy technology marketing agency.

Mparlas Georgios,
FrieslandCampina Hellas, Marketing Department

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