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Keepfred – eCommerce

A stylish,fresh, user friendly and ultra fast E-Shop, for a leading brand in the shoes industry. The client’s business gained a steady double digit sales growth rate per month over the first 6 months

Keepfred is an online shop that disposes its own-branded women’s shoes. The founders of Keepfred are people that have been getting involved with the shoe industry for many years. They wanted to channel this offline experience and brand awareness to the online trade world.
The client’s need was to transform their prestigious profile into a solid, efficient and trustworthy E-Commerce website. AdOpt’s experience on developing business profitable E-Shops, combined with the client’s motive to succeed in the online industry powerfully, led to a result that made both sides feel more than satisfied.


Online sales in a highly competitive and demanding niche market

Online shoe market is constantly growing, new E-Commerce sites are developed every week and this has as a result that the competition is quite high. Entering this market should be done only after securing a fully functionally organised, business prosperous, and unique E-Shop.
Keepfred.gr is a straight-out eCommerce website; modern, user friendly and fast website. Visiting the E-Shop for the first time, the visitor is just a few clicks away before completing the purchase. This is the success factor of differentiation that AdOpt stands out of competition; create E-Shops that people will buy again and again due to the fact that they are happy from the design, user experience, and supported services.

Using reverse proxy accelerator to boost eCommerce loading speed

One major factor of a website behaviour is the loading time. Researches have shown that an average site has at its disposal 3 secs to earn a user’s attention for further surfing. The effort of so many people and the hours spent on a project are judged within 3 seconds. Digital life is harsh but someone should AdOpt new online techniques. Keepfred’s E-Shop uses a web accelerator that dramatically decreases the loading time. Apart from this, it can flawlessly serve thousands of users simultaneously, which can be very useful when a product is advertised on TV or the Radio.


AdOpt has exhibited remarkable commitment and consistency to any agreement we have reached during our cooperation. Meetings, calls and the overall communication have always been performed under friendly, but still professionaly approach. Most important for our business, AdOpt has developed an easy-to-manage, fully functional and flawless Ε-Shop for Keepfred, giving us the ability to perform nearly any modification and customisation we need for our store. Τhe extra mile for our digital strategy, was to perform a long-term SEO marketing, with remarkable results!

Alexandra Alexandropoulou,
keepFRED, Operations & Administration Manager

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