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Keepfred – SEO Campaign

Solid increase in only few months. White hat approach to acquire brand awareness

Keepfred is an online shop that disposes its own-branded women’s shoes. The founders of Keepfred are people that have been getting involved with the shoe industry for many years. They wanted to channel this offline experience and brand awareness to the online trade world.
Apart from the fact that Keepfred’s ecommerce site was developed to meet high quality standards, AdOpt, via its SEO strategy, is taking care of the organic traffic and overall presence of our client. Results are quite fascinating and AdOpt is proud of this.


A strategy based on search visibility

SEO audit is the 1st analysis step of AdOpt, sharing with the client the actual competition analysis in the business market, explaining how AdOpt would help reaching KPIs, and developing the suggested long-term SEO marketing approach.
AdOpt objective was to set up a SEO campaign that will constantly evolve over the time and continuously adapt to the ongoing shoe market. Furthermore, we intend to communicate with Keepfred’s people in a regular basis so that we can understand the product deeper and deeper and deliver high standard services.
As AdOpt also developed the Keepfred website, it was a huge success factor for the further exploitation of marketing opportunity.

A campaign that taught us a lot of things!

The client was really impressed with the results in the 1st year, and of course we together run a long-term digital marketing plan; AdOpt’s campaign does not finish when we come on top. We want our client to stay there for a long time and convert his choice to trust AdOpt into a solid and trustworthy investment.

AdOpt objective was not only to bring more visitors to Keepfred’s website, but also to ensure that these visitors are “better visitors”. Our intention is to apply SEO optimization in order to attract people who really search for something like Keepfred’s content-products and therefore they are much more likely to proceed to a checkout.

Quantity of the traffic does always matter. Quality does matter more…


AdOpt has exhibited remarkable commitment and consistency to any agreement we have reached during our cooperation. Meetings, calls and the overall communication have always been performed under friendly, but still professionaly approach. Most important for our business, AdOpt has developed an easy-to-manage, fully functional and flawless Ε-Shop for Keepfred, giving us the ability to perform nearly any modification and customisation we need for our store. Τhe extra mile for our digital strategy, was to perform a long-term SEO marketing, with remarkable results!

Alexandra Alexandropoulou,
keepFRED, Operations & Administration Manager

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