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Enosi 45 – SEO Campaign

Immediate boost in only few months. Continuous operations to maintain the good results and increase them more and more…

Since 1983, Enosi45 offer products of the highest quality standards and innovative design, in the furniture market. The company has a huge area of showrooms, and throughout these decades, they are always focused on client service, for life experience products at competitive prices.
Benefitting from a full suite of digital marketing services their focused objective was to convert offline brand awareness into solid online presence. Furthermore, AdOpt’s objective was to make Enosi45 products accessible to everyone all over Greece.


A strategy based on search visibility

SEO audit is the 1st analysis step of AdOpt, sharing with the client the actual competition analysis in the business market, explaining how SEO would help reaching KPIs, and developing the suggested long-term strategy.
Furthermore, AdOpt is responsible for Blog Management of Enosi45. Every week we post something fresh and interesting to inform and entertain our users about new products, tips about buying new furniture and general advices about decoration etc.
As AdOpt also was in charge of Enosi45’s website development, it was a huge success factor for the further exploitation of marketing opportunity.

A campaign that impressed us all!

The client was really impressed with the SEO results in the 1st year, and of course we together run a long-term SEO plan; Search Engine Optimisation is something that reaches clients in the highest ranks, but also helps them to remain there, and AdOpt is the experienced market player using only white-hat techniques.

AdOpt aims constant and solid increase through time.


We are doing pretty good.There is more to come…

What else AdOpt did?

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