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A 4,000% Increase in website visits from Facebook marketing, within 2 first months of campaign!

Since 1983, Enosi45 offer products of the highest quality standards and innovative design, in the furniture market. The company has a huge area of showrooms, and throughout these decades, they are always focused on client service, for life experience products at competitive prices.
With a limited social presence, they needed to increase awareness through improving interaction. Achieving greater numbers of website visits from social channels was also a priority.
Following deep market research and competition analysis, AdOpt designed a solid online marketing campaign via social media, which boosted the KPIs from the very first months.


A plan to deliver engagement

Our first step was to conduct a target audience profiling via tailor made questionnaires, both online and offline.
Following that, AdOpt implemented Facebook campaigns, boosting the brand awareness of the client, as well as optimizing the social media profile and engagement with the people.
Results, we really astonishing! AdOpt managed to deliver 4000% increase of website visitors via facebook ads, with the great CPC of 0,06 euro. People engagement was impressive, since there were 32K interactions within 24 hours of initial impression or click. And these numbers were achieved within the first 2 months!

A strategy that generated leads

The social media strategy successfully improved engagement with Enosi45’s social audience and dramatically increased website visits from social channels. Seeing such results, which created leads and with an admirable ROI, the client has trusted AdOpt for a long-term relationship of their digital marketing strategy.

What else AdOpt did?

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