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Enosi45 – Facebook Page Promos

Sweepstakes resulted in 40% of viewers to like the promo, and 30% to share it. While, 60% liked the photo contest and 25% shared it.

Since 1983, Enosi45 offer products of the highest quality standards and innovative design, in the furniture market. The company has a huge area of showrooms, and throughout these decades, they are always focused on client service, for life experience products at competitive prices.
As part of their social media marketing, the client needed to execute customized promos for increasing social engagement and share awards with their loyal fans. AdOpt designed and implemented sweepstake promos and photos contest via Facebook, aiming at client’s primary target.


Platform specific campaign collateral.

Facebook was identified as a key platform for the objectives and as such a Facebook landing page was planned.
In response to the goals, the landing page utilized a heavily branded design which contained strong calls to action.
AdOpt worked very closely with the client, to incorporate the best social media strategy, and develop the most effective design.

Engagement of people in both campaigns was a huge success, improving the brand image of the client

During these campaigns the amount of traffic sent to the Enosi45 website from the Facebook campaign dramatically increased, demonstrating engagement with the target audience and improved awareness.

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