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Sante Shoes – eCommerce

Solid developement, user friendly interface and classic design. 60% increase of 3 digit sales volume, after only 4 months since launch

Sante Shoes is a 30 years company in the business of women shoes. It is a Greek company focusing on innovative design and highest quality, and this is the reason for having such a strong brand name in the market.
The client wanted to initiate their business activity in the digital market. The main objective was to transform the prestige and awareness of the brand into a solid and profitable online business. AdOpt’s experience in cooperation with Sante Shoes brand granted a successful eCommerce website.


Reverse proxy accelerator to dramatically decrease loading time

Santeshoes.gr is an integrated eCommerce website. Solid, user friendly and fast website. Visiting the site for the first time you just need a few clicks before you complete your first purchase. And this is the key point for AdOpt; to create sites that people will buy again and again due to the fact that they are happy from the supported services.
One major factor of a website behaviour is the loading time. Researches indicate that an average user will spend 3 secs to a first time visiting site before he decides whether he wants to go on or away. Months of work and effort from different people are being evaluated in the blink of an eye. Digital life is rigorous but someone should AdOpt new techniques. Sante’s website uses a web accelerator that considerably increases serving speed, while it can flawlessly serve thousands of users simultaneously, which can be very useful when a product is advertised on TV or the Radio.

Cooperation of online and offline business. Store Locator

Client wanted somehow to inform the web visitors about the real life shops, where they can find Sante Shoes products. The problem is that the shops are so many and spreaded all over in Greece and Cyprus that people may be confused about it. So AdOpt created Store Locator, a web app through which someone can find the stores nearby that sell Sante Shoes. Store Locator is a very useful tool for the users who are not so familiar with online sales.


Cooperation with AdOpt has always been solid and effectual. From the very first days, when they started the development of our Commercial Website until the recent AdWords Campaign, AdOpt makes you feel that they have your company's best interests in mind at all times. AdOpt’s staff is friendly and helpful with anything we have requested all these years.

Clio Bourdou,
Sante Shoes, CEO

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26 June, 2014