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Sante Shoes – Facebook Page Promo

57% increase of Likes in the company page, via Social Media Campaign

Sante Shoes is a 30 years company in the business of women shoes. It is a Greek company focusing on innovative design and highest quality, and this is the reason for having such a strong brand name in the market.
Being aware of the power of social media marketing, the client decided to execute customized promo for increasing social engagement and boosting their Facebook page likes. AdOpt designed and implemented sweepstake promos via Facebook, aiming at client’s primary target.


Platform specific campaign collateral

Facebook was identified as a key platform for the objectives and as such a Facebook landing page was planned.
In response to the goals, the landing page utilized a heavily branded design which contained strong calls to action.
AdOpt worked very closely with the client, to incorporate the best social media campaign, and develop the most effective design.

Facebook users seemed to love the campaign, and they showed that by contributing to a huge increase of company’s page Likes

The campaign had great success, and more specifically approximately 60% of viewer, interacted via Likes or Shares of the specific promos.


Cooperation with AdOpt has always been solid and effectual. From the very first days, when they started the development of our Commercial Website until the recent AdWords Campaign, AdOpt makes you feel that they have your company's best interests in mind at all times. AdOpt’s staff is friendly and helpful with anything we have requested all these years.

Clio Bourdou,
Sante Shoes, CEO

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26 June, 2014